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Rendering of typical architectural features of a shotgun-style house found in West Coconut Grove in the early 1900's.

Untitled - November 4, 2021 16.22.jpg

This image depicts the changing demographic of West Coconut Grove in which the renderings of a modern house and a shotgun house are superimposed on a photo of a street in the West Grove. 


As the cost of living in South Florida has increased, especially in areas close to the water and downtown, some long-standing residents of the West Grove have become unable to keep up with the rising costs and are becoming forced to sell their homes. Developers are buying up these older properties and building newer, larger homes. These new homes are unaffordable to the lower income population that live in the West Grove. The new houses are nearly all modern, boxy and without front porches, making them less welcoming and altering the social interaction of the neighborhood. 

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